International Factoring

Offers forms of guarantee to foreign suppliers and coverage of export risks


Companies that:

  • explore new markets;
  • intend to obtain a guarantee against the risk of insolvency of foreign clients (exports);
  • intend to offer different forms of guarantee to foreign suppliers (imports).


  • Preventive assessment of foreign clients
  • Constant monitoring of client performance
  • Outsourced credit management entrusted to specialists
  • Possibility of covering the risk of non-payment
  • Possibility of indirect factoring in the case of imports


  • International factoring is based on the "two factor system" in which the factor operating in the exporter's country (export factor) manages the relationship with the assignor and uses the services of factoring companies operating in the debtor's/importer's country (import factor), which maintain the relationship with the debtor for the purpose of collecting the assigned receivables.
  • The main added value is the more accurate assessment of credit risk and the greater credit management capacity provided by factoring companies introduced in the reference market.
  • Operations are based on a system of relationship management and data exchange between import and export factors that is uniform and standardised at international level (within the scope of both the two main international associations - Factor Chain International and International Factor Group - and direct bilateral agreements between sector operators).
  • They are carried out almost entirely in non-recourse form, with very limited terms of compensation for insolvency (max 90 days), and represents a valid alternative in terms of cost to the use of the letter of credit.
  • It is also possible to operate directly through notification or non-notification factoring similar to how it works in the domestic market. It is generally carried out on a non-recourse basis, through a credit insurance contract entered into directly by the factor. Management is usually carried out with respect to European countries.