Instalment Factoring

Managed both with and without recourse, it may provide for the payment of advances on assigned receivables that allow for payment in instalments


Companies with a high number of clients and with extensive transactions in terms of instalment sales.


  • Simplification of instalment receivable management
  • Systematic receipt of detailed reports on the status of assigned receivables
  • Client clustering using scoring and risk analysis models


  • MBFACTA provides clients with sophisticated automated procedures for the management and collection of instalment receivables, which may also be of a limited unit amount and relate to a large number of debtors and/or payment instalments.
  • The client can receive periodic information on the status of the assigned receivables through ad hoc reporting.
  • Instalment factoring is a service that can be provided both with and without recourse and may provide for the payment of advances on the receivables assigned.
  • The assignment of a receivable may be notified or not notified.