Dedicated portal to support the company’s production chain and facilitate credit access and liquidity management


Large companies with a large number of suppliers.


  • Supplier loyalty
  • Decrease in administrative burden represented by payment management, which is actually carried out by MBFACTA.


Confirming is a mode of operation centred around an agreement between MBFACTA and a counterparty represented by a company:

  • of “standing
  • with a large number of suppliers

The large debtor interested in having MBFACTA manage is supply payables signs an agreement with MBFACTA in order to decrease the administrative burden represented by payment management, which is delegated to MBFACTA.

The suppliers indicated by the large debtor enter into a contract with MBFACTA, under which they give MBFACTA a mandate to collect their receivables from the large debtor, thus benefiting from the opportunity to obtain the advance payment of these receivables by means of assignment to MBFACTA through a simplified acceptance procedure.

grafico confirming

1The supplier invoices the Client

2The Client uploads acknowledged invoices on the portal

3Through the portal, the Factor proposes the assigned invoices to the supplier for assignment

4The Supplier assigns the invoices to the Factor

5The Factor advances the receivable to the Supplier (if requested)

6The Client pays the Factor at maturity

  • The Client and the Factor sign an agreement on the basis of which the Client proposes its Suppliers to the Factor
  • The Supplier/Assignor enters into a normal factoring agreement with the Factor
  • Invoices proposed for assignment to Suppliers are already acknowledged by the Client/debtor, which undertakes to pay them when due
  • The Factor pays unassigned invoices to Suppliers when due
  • The Client pays the Factor for all invoices uploaded on the portal

Our Confirming portal


  • Accesses its dedicated reserved area and upload the list of acknowledged invoices
  • Receives communication of any assignments made by its suppliers
  • Monitors uploaded invoices through dedicated reporting


  • Receive an email informing them of the availability of new invoices uploaded
  • Access their dedicated reserved area and select the invoices they wish to assign
  • Complete the assignment directly from the portal
  • Access dedicated reporting


  • Finalises the assignment and pays the suppliers.
Main features
  • Secure access guaranteed by the Mediobanca network
  • Operational 24/7
  • Possibility of user profiling for both client and suppliers (users with different authorisation levels)
  • Automatic generation of assignment documents
  • Management of digitally signed documents
  • Dedicated and customisable reporting